The landscape of microinsurance in Asia and Oceania 2013

The landscape of microinsurance in Asia and Oceania 2013

Microinsurance in Asia and Oceania is growing fast. A number of governments such as India, Indonesia and the Philippines have started developing a regulatory framework to facilitate the development of innovative solutions. The demand for detailed data on the status of microinsurance grows. Read more in the full report. >more

10th International Microinsurance Conference 2014

From 11 to 13 November 2014, the 10th International Microinsurance Conference will take place in Mexico City. Around 500 participants and experts will discuss challenges. >more

Image gallery: Fog nets in Tanzania

We are building fog collectors in several communities on a high plain bordering the Rift Valley in Tanzania together with the p(e)d world organisation. The water now flowing from the new water source gives the people in this rural region the gift of time – precious time that they can invest in education or agriculture. >more

Image gallery: Natural hazards in Bangladesh

Many communities in Bangladesh are forced to undergo continuous transition due to climate change. Some of them succeed quite well in adapting, others are less successful. Together with our project partners on site, we want to find out how the chances for the people living there can be improved. >more