AGROBANCO and La Positiva Seguros y Reaseguros

13th International Microinsurance Conference - 11 November 2017

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AGROBANCO is the main instrument for the State's financial support for the sustained and permanent development of the agricultural sector, with special emphasis on agriculture, livestock, forestry, aquaculture, agroindustrial, and processing, marketing and export of natural products and derived from such activities.

La Positiva Seguros is an insurance company established and existing in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Peru whose corporate purpose is to dedicate itself to the provision of insurance and reinsurance services as authorized by the SBS, which in 2013 launched a unique agricultural commercial insurance scheme. 

Goal of the field trip
The field trip aims to provide participants at the International Microinsurance Conference with insights into Agrobanco’s agricultural credit schemes and La Positiva’s agricultural insurance schemes, and to know the principal characteristics of the agriculture of Perú.

11 November 2017  


Meeting at Swissôtel (Address: Av. Santo Toribio 173-Vía Central 150, Centro Empresarial Real. San Isidro, 15073 ▪ Lima ▪ Perú)


Trip to Chincha Baja – Ica.


Meeting at Agrobanco’s office


Meeting with clients of Agrobanco in their farms


Traditional lunch


Return to Lima

Participation fee

USD 70.00 per participant, including transportation and meals.

Yonel Mendoza Vereau

Carlos Cevallos



13th International Microinsurance Conference

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