Call for applications - Field trip

Field trip - 13th International Microinsurance Conference

The organisers of the International Microinsurance Conference are looking for organisations volunteering to host one or more field trips back to back with the 13th International Microinsurance Conference.

Agenda and goal of the field trip
The field trip aims to provide participants at the International Microinsurance Conference with insights into local microinsurance schemes and opportunities to meet clients. However, the agenda and the size of the group will be defined by the organisation concerned.

Expected number of participants (minimum): 10–20 per field trip.

Suggested dates
6, 10 or 11 November 2017

Since most members of the Microinsurance Network have to attend the General Assembly taking place on 10 November, an additional field trip on 11 November would be of special interest.

Responsibilities and funding of the field trip
The host of the field trip is fully responsible for the organisation and funding of the trip. We strongly recommend a charge be made for the field trip. This will help cover the costs and minimise last-minute cancellations.

30 June 2017: Please provide the conference organisers with a short description of the field trip agenda (in English) specifying the scheduling, what to expect, where to meet, costs, where to register, etc. and giving details of a contact person for the participants. The details will be made available on the conference website.

15 December 2017: Please provide the conference organisers with a short article about the field trip (600-800 words) including up to four pictures.

The 13th International Microinsurance Conference 2017 is organised by APESEG and the Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with the Microinsurance Network. Alongside this conference, other entities organise field trips independently. The Munich Re Foundation cannot be held liable for any claims arising in connection with such trips.




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