Microinsurance Network, co-host of the International Microinsurance Conference

7th International Microinsurance Conference 2011, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Conference Steering Committee

  • Dirk Reinhard, Munich Re Foundation, Germany (Chair)
  • Maria Elena Bidino, CNSeg, Brazil
  • Doubell Chamberlain, Cenfri, South Africa
  • Craig Churchill, ILO, Switzerland
  • Véronique Faber, ADA, Luxemburg
  • Denis Garand, Denis Garand and Associates, Canada 
  • Richard Leftley, MicroEnsure, UK
  • Michael McCord, Microinsurance Centre, USA 
  • Sabbir Patel, ICMIF, UK
  • Alexandre Penner, SUSEP, Brazil 
  • Richard D. Philipps, Georgia State University, USA 
  • Gaby Ramm, Consultant to GTZ, Germany
  • Maria Victoria Saenz-Semper, Inter-American Development Bank, USA
  • Craig Thorburn, World Bank, USA
  • Martina Wiedmayer-Pfister, GTZ, Germany



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7th International Microinsurance Conference

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