Project applications and donations

We participate exclusively in projects that are compatible with the purpose of the foundation, our guiding principles and the following guidelines.


Please note:
Our project budgets are limited and earmarked for our own, topic-specific projects. We are unable to provide financial resources for other projects brought to us from outside sources.

Our projects

  • start with knowledge on “people at risk” and lead to action.
  • are groundbreaking and exemplary, provide the necessary impulses and are open to emulation.
  • tap into potential for sustainable development in global change.
  • should be placed in a broader context (linking various topics).
  • indicate long-term solutions.
  • prepare people for risks and improve their living conditions.
  • can be regional, national or international.
  • have model character and can be replicated.

Donations for our projects are welcome. Bank details will be provided on request. The Munich Re Foundation is recognised as a non-profit organisation. Donations are deductible under German tax law. Should you require written confirmation of donations, please supply your full name and address.