Dialogue Forums

What are Dialogue Forums?

At these events, which are open to the general public and held in Munich, we address current topics. Politicians, scientists and persons concerned take a look behind the scenes and engage the audience in discussion. The Dialogue Forums have been held regularly since 2005. They are designed to heighten awareness of our topics such as demographic developments, risk perception, and development policy.


Results from previous years
Positionen (German)

Positionen 2019
Arme reiche Welt
Positionen 2018
Digital. Innovativ. Fair? Mittendrin in der Zukunft
Positionen 2017
People on the move - vorwärts, seitwärts, zurück?
Positionen 2016
Keine Energie für die Wende?
Postions 2016
No energy for the turnaround?
Positionen 2015
Klima, Armut, Katastrophen - Rettet die Welt!
Positionen 2014
Hungern im Überfluss?
Positionen 2013
Die (un)mobile Gesellschaft - bereit für die Zukunft?
Postionen 2012
Macht und Einfluss: Wer bestimmt die Geschicke der Welt?
Positionen 2011
Demografie und Migration
Positionen 2010
Welt im Wandel - Die vergessenen Milliarden
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