About us

Christian Barthelt

Diplom Wirtschaftsgeograph (Diploma in Economic Geography), Project Manager

Christian Barthelt was awarded a degree in economic geography by Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich, in 2008. His studies focused on regional economic networks and tourism in developing countries. After completing his degree, he joined a Munich-based IT services agency as an e-learning author.

Responsibilities at Munich Re Foundation
Christian Barthelt has been working as a project manager for the Munich Re Foundation since February 2009. He manages projects on disaster prevention, social vulnerability and resilience, as well as projects in the areas of climate change and education.

The projects include:

- RISK Award
- Resilience Academy
- Gibika – Livelihood resilience for Bangladesh
- Disaster prevention and relief
- Dialogue Forums

Other tasks:

- Online communication (website and newsletter)
- Supervising interns
- Preparing Munich Re Foundation’s environmental review