Environmental Performance

Munich Re Foundation - CO2 balance sheet 2006

Total CO2 emissions

The total emissions of the Munich Re Foundation amounted to 700 t of CO2. These are largely related to international events, i.e. some 600 t (86.4%). Emissions from operation of the offices (electricity, heating), amounting to 16.7 t (2.4%), were very low by contrast.

Fig. 1: Total amount of CO2 emissions attributable to the Munich Re Foundation

CO2 emissions related to events

For determining emissions, a balance was taken of the travels of participants, short-term operation of event venues was not taken into account. The Microinsurance Conference in Capetown was the greatest source of emissions, 505.8 t CO2 (83.4%), followed by the UNU Summer Academy, with 100.4 t CO2 (16.5%). Local dialogue forums, with emissions amounting to only 0.3 t CO2 (0.1%), make up a very small part.

Fig 2: CO2 (t) emissions by events

CO2 emissions caused by business operations

Emissions caused by business operations (office, travel) totalling 95 t CO2, are broken down into 16.7 t CO2 (18%) from office operation (electricity, heating) and 78 t CO2 (82.2%) from business trips, most of which is air travel. *

Fig 3: CO2 emissions (t) caused by business operations

* The RFI (Radiative Forcing Index) factor of 2.7 is applied to air travel.
  100 km of travel to and from airports are assumed for each trip by air.

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