Environmental Performance

Munich Re Foundation - CO2 balance sheet 2007

Total CO2 emissions

The total CO2 emissions of the Munich Re Foundation amounted to 1,089 t in 2007. They related for the most part to international events, which accounted for some 1,012 t (92.9%) in all. Emissions due to office operations (electricity, heating), 20.8 t (1.9%), were very low by contrast.

Fig. 1: Total CO2 emissions (t) attributable to the Munich Re Foundation

Total CO2 emissions in 2007 showed an increase of 384.7 t (54.6%) over the previous year. This was mainly due to a rise in the number of participants at the Microinsurance Conference, which attracted more than 300 delegates in 2007 – over 50% more than in 2006. Business-travel CO2 emissions were down by 22 t (-28.2%) due to a reduction in air kilometres (-23.3%).

Fig. 2: Comparison of total CO2 emissions (t) in 2006 and 2007

CO2 emissions generated by events

Emissions generated by events were calculated by totalling the business-travel distances covered by each participant, short-term operations at event venues excluded. The Microinsurance Conference in Mumbai was the main source of emissions, accounting for 921.7 t CO2 (91.1%), followed by the UNU Summer Academy, with 90.3 t CO2 (8.9%). Local dialogue forums made up a very small part, emissions amounting to only 0.6 t CO2 (0.06%). Altogether, CO2 emissions generated by events increased from 606.51 t in 2006 to 1,011.96 t in 2007.

Fig 3: CO2 (t) emissions produced by events

CO2 emissions generated by business operations

Emissions produced by business operations (office, travel) came to 76.9 t CO2. They were made up of 20.8 t CO2 (27%) from office operations (electricity, heating) and 56.1 t CO2 (73%) due to business trips, primarily air travel.*

Fig 4: CO2 emissions (t) generated by business operations

* An RFI (radiative forcing index) factor of 2.7 is applied to air travel.  It is assumed that each flight involves 100 km of travel to and from the airport.


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