Hydro Power at the Aguacapa River
Sifting-pools to protect the turbines

2008 Carbon offset project - Regenerative Energy for Guatemala

To compensate for CO2 emissions caused by the work of the Foundation, we are promoting a hydroelectric project in Guatemala that will produce clean energy on a regenerative and thus sustainable basis.

Type of project

Sustainable energy production, conservation of resources

Type of certificates

Verified emission reductions (abbreviated as VER, i.e. certified CO2 savings)


The Green Certificate Company

VER equivalent to 1,224 tonnes of CO2 from this project were acquired by the Munich Re Foundation to compensate for its CO2 emissions from the year 2008. Since most of these emissions resulted from holding the Microinsurance Conference in Cartagena, it was highly desirable to conduct a compensation project in Latin America.


The Hydroelectric Project in Pueblo Nuevo Vinas

The project is an 8.2 MW hydroelectric plant in the town of Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Department Santa Rosa in Guatemala. The operator is Papeles Elaborados S.A.The objective of the Poza Verde Hydroelectric Project is to supply Guatemala with clean, reliable, regenerative energy. The project reduces CO2 emissions by reducing the national electrical grid’s reliance on fossil fuels. At present, the grid depends strongly on heavy heating oil, coal and diesel.

The project’s positive and sustained developmental effects include:

The project’s positive and sustained developmental effects include:
  • Providing regenerative energy, free of CO2 emissions
  • Supplying energy for about 5,000 people, also in rural areas
  • Creating 400 jobs during the construction phase
  • Creating 30 permanent jobs in the small town of Pueblo Nuevo Vinas
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reforesting the banks of the Aguacapa River

This project has an overall potential of 198,803 tonnes of CO2 equivalents and thus makes an enormous contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

5 March 2009


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