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Project sites in Piraí, Trés Rios and Itaborái, Brazil.

2011 Carbon offset project – Efficient energy for Brazil

The Munich Re Foundation's total emissions from project work amounted to 1,600 t CO2. They are inevitable when we carry out international projects. Each year, the foundation purchases CO2 certificates from licensed project partners to offset these emissions.

Since the main source of the emissions is our International Microinsurance Conference, we try, as far as possible, to purchase certificates that support projects being run close to the venue of this annual conference. In 2011, we supported a biomass project in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, which had been set up to convert a number of ceramics factories (Piraí, Trés Rios and Itaborái) to a different fuel system. The kilns, which were originally oil-fired, were converted to biomass in 2006. They now use sustainably sourced wood, wood residues, sawdust and industrial waste (wooden pallets, wooden packages), and this produces a saving of 6,125,000 litres of heating oil per year.
The ash from the kiln is added to compost that the factories produce themselves, and the waste heat is used to dry the ceramic products. The whole system is now more modern and efficient. It has also been possible to implement a number of social and ecological measures:

  • Social benefits, e. g. life insurance for employees
  • Additional education programmes to combat illiteracy among the workforce
  • Purchasing biomass from the local favela as a poverty-alleviation strategy
  • Using ceramic waste in road construction projects

Overall, the project sponsored through the purchase of these certificates incorporates many different facets, paving the way for social and ecological progress as well as promoting climate protection.


Project run-time:
2006 –2016
Certificate type:
Verified Carbon Standard, Social Carbon
Total volume:
277,707 tonnes of CO2 equivalent
ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH

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