Environmental performance 2012 – Carbon sequestration through reforestation

Our work allows us to observe the impacts of climate change at close range. Many of our projects are aimed at reducing potential damage and losses for people at risk. At the same time, our business activities generate greenhouse gases. To achieve a holistic approach to climate protection, we calculate our CO2 emissions each year and compensate for them by purchasing certificates from climate protection projects.

In 2012 we decided to purchase CO2 certificates from a project in the Sofala province of Mozambique. In cooperation with the provincial government, the Gorongosa National Park and the Nhambita community, Envirotrade Ltd. is managing a forestry and reforestation programme in this province. The goal of the project is to reclaim the strongly degraded forests for renewed utilisation, to preserve sustainable habitats and to promote biodiversity. The reforestation measures lead to the capture and storage of CO2, as the growing trees absorb carbon (C) through photosynthesis while releasing oxygen (O2) back into the environment.

With its surface area of 11,744 hectares, the project has an annual CO2 reduction potential of approximately 100,000 t. In addition to this, social improvements in the local community can also be achieved. The sale of emission reduction certificates is a regular source of income for the local population. The additional funds also make it possible to provide special education schemes for women thus promoting greater gender equality, a further positive aspect of the project.


Rainforest Alliance
Project run-time:
Certificate type:
Plan Vivo (ex-ante), CCBS
Total volume:
100,000 t of CO2 equivalent
ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH

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