The hydropower station is located in Sumatra, in the west of Indonesia.
Two turbines form the heart of the run-of-river plant. They supply the local population with electricity from renewable energy sources.

Carbon Neutrality 2013: Hydropower in Renun, Indonesia

To offset our project-related CO2 emissions, we buy certificates from a hydropower project in Indonesia. A new run-of-river hydropower station with an output of 82 MW makes use of a natural height difference of 500 metres to produce electricity.

The water used for power generation comes from different rivers such as the Lau Renun, Haporas, Bargot, Tapian Nauli and other smaller rivers in Northern Sumatra. Hydropower accounts for just over one per cent of the national electricity mix in Indonesia, while fossil fuels are the primary source of energy. However, the country has enormous potential, already generating 75,000 MW from hydropower alone. Only a fragment of its total potential has been exploited as yet, such as the output of roughly 3,200 MW in 2009.
The project sponsored by the offset measures helps increase this percentage and leads to an average reduction of approximately 230,000 tonnes in CO2 equivalents. The electricity is fed into Sumatra's power grid and improves electricity supplies for the local population.

Further positive impacts of the climate protection project
However, our engagement is not aimed exclusively at the promotion of renewables alone. Numerous aspects connected with the project benefit sustainability. Examples:

» Support for reforestation measures in the catchment area
» The creation of local jobs and healthcare for the employees
» Improvement of the public healthcare system
» Financial support for local schools, churches and mosques

In our opinion, the purchase of certificates is not comparable with the much criticised purchase of indulgences, as is proven by the numerous positive effects of the project.


 RINA S.p.A.
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 VCS and Social Carbon
 ClimatePartner Deutschland GmbH

 CB, 9 December 2013

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