The plant feeds electricity into Manuas' regional grid thus improving power supplies to the local population.
The landfill gas project is located in Manaus, Brazil.

Carbon neutrality 2014: Landfill gas for Manaus, Brazil

To offset our event-related CO2 emissions, we are this year purchasing certificates from a landfill gas project in Manaus, Brazil. An electrical power station with an output of over 19 megawatts uses methane generated during the degradation of biological waste.

Brazil's population is growing continuously and consequently also its consumption and waste rates. As waste is often not separated in the emerging nations, it can contain up to 75% biologically degradable substances. The higher this percentage, the more methane gas is produced. If the gas is not captured, it slowly escapes into the atmosphere and contributes to global warming. The climate-damaging impact of one metric ton of methane is approximately 20 times stronger than that of CO2.

The Manaus project was implemented in two stages. The first part involved the creation of a system to capture and collect the gas. Then a power station fuelled by the landfill gas was built. This project ultimately saves an average annual volume of approximately 1,050,000 t in CO2 equivalents.

Manaus lies in the middle of an Amazonas region that is not connected to the national Brazilian power grid. This plant feeds electricity into Manuas' regional grid thus improving power supplies to the local population.

Further positive effects
This project promotes more than just the use of renewables alone. It also includes other important sustainability components:

  • The income from the CO2 certificates is shared with the town of Manaus. The town improves the structural working conditions in regional waste separation and collection.
  • Long-term jobs with incomes of up to 40% higher than the average income in these professions are created.
  • Odours and groundwater contamination are reduced.


Verification:  Det Norske Veritas (DNV)
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 CB, 21 January 2015

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