We invite you to discuss with experts. 01Where from? Where to? Demography and migration
We invite you to discuss with experts.

Dialogue forums 2011 "Where from? Where to?"

Demography and migration

In 2050, every third person in Germany will be 60 years old or more! The population is ageing and shrinking; many rural areas are turning into ghost regions. A look at the demographic development of the past years is frightening. Are our pensions secure? Is our social system prepared for the growing number of senior citizens? What models exist for supporting structurally weak regions? Is continued support in such regions even worthwhile?
Alongside the negative aspects, current development developments might also present opportunities: Germany has an opportunity to regain its attractiveness as a country of immigration. Recruiting qualified specialists from abroad is not only of economic, but also cultural interest. Nature has the chance to regain lost ground in abandoned regions.
Internationally, demographic development varies, and is the reverse of that in Germany in some countries: Although we are expecting an ageing and decreasing population in Germany, many developing countries are confronted with unabated and, in many cases, enormous population growth. What challenges await us? Will the interaction between climate change and weather extremes lead to waves of migration? What role do knowledge, training and the flow of information play in this modern world?
We invite you to join us in five evening forums in analysing the questions and challenges of “Where from? Where to? – Demography and Migration”. Well-known politicians, journalists and researchers – also persons affected – will provide their answers and discuss limits and opportunities with you. Our dialogue forums begin on 11 January 2011.

11 January 2011,
7 p.m.
Demography today: A world in upheaval?  
Franz Müntefering
Member of the German national parliament (SPD), Berlin  
Prof. Ursula M. Staudinger
Vice President, Jacobs University, Bremen
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Illinger, Science Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
17 February 2011, 
7 p.m.
Country – City – Megacity: Who wins, who loses?  
Prof. Harald A. Mieg
Geographic Institute, Humboldt University, Berlin
Prof. Philipp Oswalt
Senior Executive Manager, Bauhaus Dessau, Berlin
Petra Wesseler
Mayor of Chemnitz 
Presenter: Sebastian Herrmann, Süddeutsche Zeitung
22 March 2011, 
7 p.m. 
Causes of migration: Why does the world migrate?
Prof. Rainer Münz
Senior Fellow at the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Vienna
Prof. Rita Süssmuth
Former President of the German national parliament and former member of the UN Global Commission on International Migration, Berlin 
Florence Tsagué
Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Siegen
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Illinger, Science Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
14 April 2011,
7 p.m.
When know-how migrates – Brain drain or brain gain?
Prof. Patrick Cramer
Managing Director of the Gene Center of the LMU, Munich
Prof. Jörg Hacker
President of Leopoldina, Halle
Prof. Axel Plünnecke
Cologne Institute for Economic Research, Cologne  
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Illinger, Science Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung
12 May 2011, 7 p.m.
Migration, integration – Fear of strangers?  
Cumali Naz
Former Chairman of the Council of Foreigners of the City of Munich
Aygül Özkan
Minister of Social Affairs, Women, Families, Health and Integration in the state of Lower Saxony
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Illinger, Science Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung


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