Young researchers and entrepreneurs for climate protection

Dialogue Forum special - Klimaherbst 2016 - 20 October 2016

Munich is a prominent university location. Numerous students are involved in the study of measures to avoid and mitigate climate change. They want to help shape the future. However, these important activities are not widely known to the public at large. In the Dialogue Forum "Young researchers and entrepreneurs for climate change", representatives from Munich's universities and business community will present exciting and innovative approaches to the topic.

Opening presentations and panel

Prof. Dr. Klaus Sailer, CEO, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship
"Munich universities for innovation and climate protection" At Munich's universities, innovation is not just a buzz word – no more than is climate protection. Prof. Sailer will demonstrate how the Munich universities are positioned, and how innovation is specifically promoted from the initial idea to the go-to-market product.

Dr. Jakob Assmann, Managing Director, Polarstern
Polarstern is a young company committed to advancing the energy turnaround. It makes the changeover from conventional energy providers to suppliers of real green electricity and gas possible for its private and commercial customers. This not only serves the interests of the energy turnaround but also people in poorer countries. Each change of provider provides a family in Cambodia with a supply of clean energy.

Thomas Bischof, Head of Group Development, Munich Re
The leading global risk carrier focuses on a lot more than insurance alone; climate change and innovation also rank high at Munich Re. Thomas Bischof will explain how innovative solutions in the context of climate change are promoted in the company, and what experiences it has gained in its partnerships with young researchers and entrepreneurs.

Alexander Rossner, Klimaherbst  

 Organiser  Munich Re Foundation and Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship
   Admission is free - Booking required - Barrier-free access
 Date  Thursday, 20 October 2016
 Place  19:00 - 21:00 Munich Re, Princeton N6
 Berliner Straße 95


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