2013 Resilience Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh - Call for applications

Bangladesh is one of the countries hit hardest by the effects of climate change and natural catastrophes. Many protective measures have already been taken to promote disaster mitigation. The government has adopted numerous plans of action. NGOs and, increasingly, the private sector are also committing their efforts to better safeguard the population.

Nevertheless, it is clear that such efforts must be intensified, and, in particular, that the dialogue between the scientific community, politicians and practitioners is necessary. Only when all relevant players speak the same language, when politics translate the latest results from research into action and are thus able to exert influence on practice, will it be possible to fortify the resilience of people at risk.

Together with UNU-EHS and ICCCAD, the Munich Re Foundation is organising a Resilience Academies series. The aim is to invite players from all sectors to pursue dialogue and deepen knowledge in an intensive week of training and workshops. The academy events will be held alternately in Bangladesh and Germany. The first seminar week is scheduled for September 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Applications for attending the 2013 Resilience Academy can now be submitted. You will find details on the application procedure and the academy in the download area on the right.

CB, 03 June 2013

Disaster Prevention

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