School Competition 2005

"Young people with boundless energy – Protect the climate!" was the motto of a national campaign launched by the German Federal Environment Ministry. Pupils had to apply their knowledge about climate change, energy and energy efficiency in developing proposed solutions – from knowledge to action.

The aim was to spread current knowledge on climate change to schools throughout Germany. Although the Federal Environment Ministry was the campaign organiser, it had entrusted execution of the project to the publisher Zeitbild Verlag in Berlin, which has many years' experience in educational work with schools.

The project, which was being staged for the second time after last year, was designed to heighten awareness of topics connected with climate change. 26,000 schools in Germany were receiving up-to-date information and teaching material on renewable energies, energy efficiency, the environment, mobility and climate protection. A major competition, with prizes for inventive pupils or classes, formed the core of the campaign. Young people were called upon – as in the German competition "Jugend forscht" (Young people research) – to produce technical solutions, models or essays on the subject of energy efficiency. At the end of March 2006, the national winners received their awards from the Federal Environment Minister at a big event in Berlin. Participants had the motivation of prize money, prizes in kind and various special prizes.

The Munich Re Foundation was partnering the project. Finding sustainable solutions, using knowledge and taking action - that is the objective for the young people and, at the same time, what our foundation aspires to do.