Kids present their workshop results.
It is exciting to cook with solar power.

Energy School Munich: Light off – Sun on!

How much muscle power does it take to bring a cup of water to the boil? How can you barbecue sausages on a solar cooker? How much energy does a normal light bulb use up? The workshops of the Energy School Munich run by the Green City e.V. organisation familiarise pupils with the subjects of climate protection and energy conservation at an early age. The Munich Re Foundation supports this project financially.

The young energy researchers at the Energy School Munich get to discover a whole lot of new facts about electricity generation, energy conservation and climate protection. The aim is to show the youngest generation of our society from the very start how every one of us can contribute to climate protection by conserving energy. The “Sun-full of Energy” project is especially designed for school children attending Grades 1 to 7. For several days, the children take on the roles of energy scientists and investigate where our energy comes from and how much electricity we use.
Teacher support for project
Equipped with electricity consumption meters, the children set out in search of power hogs. The results astonish not only the pupils but also their teachers and parents. On the bike power generator, the children experience at first hand how much effort it takes to generate the electricity required to run lights or an electric kettle. A workout on this bike makes Watt values easier to grasp and the relationship between power generation and consumption more understandable for the children. A solar cooker allows the sun’s energy not only to be felt but also to be tasted – when the popcorn begins to jump on the hotplate and everyone samples the results. Other renewable energies are presented in films and stories. Parallel to the workshops, the newly acquired knowledge is revised with the children in class. For this purpose, Green City provides material such as work sheets or solar panels and offers ideas for experiments.
Two new teaching modules during pilot phase
In view of the extremely positive response of the schools, the organisers have added two further modules to the programme aimed at pupils in higher grades. The “Energy for the Future” project has been available to Grades 8 and 9 at secondary schools since Autumn 2010. The students examine their school building with the help of an infrared camera, visit a solar energy plant and gather information on career perspectives in the field of renewable energy. A further module titled “Joulz” also offers teaching material for secondary and comprehensive schools. teachers can use “Joulz” for stand-in classes to sharpen up the energy awareness of their pupils. During the school year of 2010/2011, the module will be tested at a pilot school in Munich and will subsequently be evaluated.
Green City e.V. has been active in Munich since 1990. The environmental organisation focuses on mobility, climate protection and urban design. Having helped sponsor the “Energy School Upper Bavaria” in 2007 and 2008, the Munich Re Foundation is happy to be able to support the organisation once again.

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