A teacher from Greencity explains how sunlight is translated in usable energy.
Children are attentively observing the electricity consumption meter.

Energy School Munich 2011

Munich's schools are a living example of the energy turnaround!

Green City e.V. is back again in 2011, on a visit with the workshops of the Energy School of Munich to the elementary and secondary schools of the Bavarian capital. The Munich Re Foundation has expanded its support in 2011 and thus allows additional schools in Munich to participate in the Energy School project.
The "Sun-full of Energy" module, in which young pupils learn how the energy of the sun can be used, has been held at two schools: from May to July at the elementary school in Osel Street (Oselstraße) and during July 2011 at the Intermediate in Cincinnati Street (Cincinnatistraße). A total of 380 pupils attended the workshops. Green City spent several days in the classrooms demonstrating its solar cookers, electricity consumption meters and power bike to the enthusiastic students. The school teachers were able to continue using the materials for a few days after the workshops were over. This gave the children more time to revise the knowledge they had gained during the workshops.
The material used in the "Joulz" module, which examines issues surrounding the subject of energy, was brought up to date in the spring of 2011. It is planned to present the new material to teaching staff at the Maria-Probst Secondary School in autumn, so that the worksheets can be used by the lower and middle grades in the coming school year.
In November, the Green City teachers will be tutoring a Grade 9 class at the secondary school in Guardini Street which is participating in the three-day "Energy for the Future" module. As before, Green City will not only be conducting practical workshops at the school but will also offer two excursions to plumbing, sanitary, solar energy and heating technology companies. Energy consultants, a drama teacher and the training officers of the companies will work in close cooperation with each other during the projects.
It is important to support youths in elementary and secondary schools, in particular, to help them gain more insight into the subjects of energy conservation, power supply and the energy turnaround. Knowledge about saving energy growths and has the chance to find its way into the day to day family life.

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