The pupils get information on careers in the renewable sector.
Students are attentively observing the results of the IR camera.

Energy School Munich 2012

Renewable energies part of the curriculum again in 2012.

Especially young people need to be acquainted with the topic of renewable energies early on. After all, it is bound to play a lasting role in their lives. That is why Green City e.V. has been conducting Munich Energy School interactive workshops in Munich's primary and lower secondary schools since 2007. The project is being supported by the Munich Re Foundation again this year.

Three "Energie mit Zukunft" (Energy with a Future) modules were already conducted at three middle schools in March. This module is intended primarily for pupils in the ninth grade of lower secondary or middle schools. In addition to examining topics such as energy generation, renewable energies, reducing power consumption and climate change, the module also provides pupils with information on careers in this sector. For schoolchildren, it is especially interesting to gain insights into the various possibilities that exist to acquire education and training in this growth sector. That is why tours of companies in this industry are very popular and an integral component of the programme.

The module "Sonne - voll Energie" (Sun - full energy) has also already been planned again in 2012 at four Munich schools, including a Montessori school. This module offers schoolchildren in grades two to four a playful means of learning how to use solar energy.

New perspectives as a result of the worst-case incident in Fukushima

The events in the Japanese nuclear power plant have lent new impetus to the controversy regarding the urgency of transforming our energy system. Many pupils participate very actively in the discussion because it is an issue that affects their future. That is another reason why interactive workshops, along with very vivid teaching and support materials, meet with great interest and enthusiasm. Class work is placing even greater emphasis on the topics of power generation and energy supply.

Dates of funded Munich Energy School classes in 2012:
5 to 7 March: Mittelschule (middle school) in Inzeller Weg
12 to 15 March: Mittelschule in Wiesenfelser Strasse
26 to 28 March: Mittelschule in Guardinistrasse 
2 to 4 May 2012: Grundschule (primary school) in Dachauer Strasse
14 to 16 May: Montessori school in Balanstrasse
18 to 20 June: Grundschule at Gotzinger Platz
26 to 28 June: Grundschule in Haimhauserstrasse

Climate change and education

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