Students learn how a thermal imaging camera works. It is exciting to see how clothes insulate heat.

Award for our project partner Green City

Since 1990, the Munich-based environmental organisation Green City e.V. has been lobbying for greater sustainability, not least in the field of education. The German UNESCO Commission honoured this commitment last year with an important award. Congratulations to our project partners.

The United Nations proclaimed the "Decade of Education for Sustainable Development" in 2005 to entrench sustainability in education. The title of "Official Decade Project" is only awarded to innovative initiatives that provide outstanding examples of meaningful activities. Green City e.V. was recognised as an official project of the decade in 2014 for the second time. The organisation, it was explained, was exemplary in its implementation of the global  education initiative aspired to by the UN. For the jury it was of particular importance that Green City gears its education programme to lifelong learning. All in all, Green City has over 20 employees and several hundred volunteers involved in various projects related to energy, mobility, urban design and environmental education.

Long-term project partnership
As in previous years, Munich Re Foundation once again supported Green City's "Energy School Munich" project in 2014. In interactive workshops, the association playfully introduces children and adolescents at Munich's elementary and secondary schools to topics such as energy conservation, alternative energy and climate protection. And most successfully too. Last year, more than 500 students participated in the sponsored workshops. The teachers and parents are also very pleased. Although education on electricity is an integral part of most curricula, regular classes often lack the material and devices required for illustrative purposes.

The right module for each age group
The workshops vary in thematic focus and methodology to motivate the students according to the type of school and the age-group to act and live in a sustainable way. The "Sun – full of Energy" module, for example, is directed at grades two to seven in elementary and secondary schools. Its focus on energy wheels, power meters, films, solar modules and cookers is intended to work up an appetite for experimentation and exploration. In three multifaceted workshops, the students learn a lot about power generation, energy conservation and climate protection.

The "Energy for the future" module addresses grades seven to nine at secondary and intermediate schools. Shortly before leaving school with their Certificate of Secondary Education, it is often difficult for many students to choose the right career. It is all the more important that young people are given information about their career prospects. In "Energy for the Future", young people learn about many different professions and are motivated to make a conscious decision for a sustainable profession.

All modules of the Energy School Munich are strongly connected to the daily lives of the students. Based on the courses of action described, they recognise how they themselves can contribute to a better future - every day.

Green City has every reason to be proud of itself: since 2009, almost 5,000 Munich students have participated in the modules offered by the Energy School Munich. We congratulate the award winners on their success and the prize awarded by the German UNESCO Commission!

CB, 11 February 2015

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