Report – International Microinsurance Conference Learning Sessions Ghana 2012

For some time now, the National Insurance Commission has placed much emphasis and effort in the development and implementation of microinsurance and has therefore been working in close collaboration with GIZ and other partners to develop the insurance industry's capacity to handle microinsurance, among others, under the project Promoting MicroInsurance in Ghana (ProMiGH).
Although the microinsurance market in Ghana is developing rapidly, it is still at the infant stage of development and is therefore confronted with an array of challenges which need to be addressed on a consistent basis to ensure the success of microinsurance in the country.

The objective of the ‘International Microinsurance Conference – Learning Sessions Ghana’ was therefore to stimulate creative ideas and fresh thinking on the development and practical implementation of microinsurance in Ghana.

The focus of this conference was on the 'Learning Sessions' – and from our interactions with participants, we have no doubt that this conference has pushed the frontiers of knowledge on microinsurance in Ghana, and provided manifold opportunities for the exchange of approaches, experiences and perspectives.
We hope and expect this will inform the Ghanaian insurance industry to speed up the process of adding microinsurance products to their portfolios, and in turn help us to increase the outreach of insurance to the informal sector.

Date of publication: 2012
Language: English
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