Field trip - 8th International Microinsurance Conference

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

What: PharmAccess field trip to KNCU Health Plan
When: All day event on November 9th 2012
Where: In Moshi at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro
Number of participants: Minimum of 8 participants
Estimated costs: 250 euro per person (including return flight from Dar es Salaam)
How to register: There are no more seats availalbe 

About the program and field trip

PharmAccess would like to invite participants of the conference for a field trip to its health insurance program for coffee farmers in the Kilimanjaro region. In 2011 PharmAccess, the Health Insurance Fund (initiative of PharmAccess) and their local partner MicroEnsure introduced this program for the coffee farmers and their families of the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperation Union (KNCU). KNCU is Africa’s oldest cooperative and represents over 150,000 small scale coffee farmers. Besides collection and auction of coffee beans, the union supports its members through social, educational and financial programs.
The KNCU Health Plan, as the program is called, started for 25,000 people. In the coming years it will be expanded to include more people. The health plan offers affordable quality health care to the members and their dependents, tailored to the needs of the community. The aim of the program is to protect these previously uninsured families from health related risks and offer them access to good health care in upgraded health facilities.
On the field trip we will amongst others visit the head office of KNCU to learn more about the program and the organization, go to one of the villages and take a tour in one of the renovated health facilities.

Practical information

The field trip is an all day event organized for a group with a minimum of 8 people. The estimated costs are 250 euro per person. On November 9, the plane leaves Dar es Salaam at 6am and will arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport at 7.20 am. The return flight will leave at 7.40 pm and arrive in Dar at 9 pm. PharmAccess will organize the transport, food and drinks.
You can also choose to fly in the evening of the day before at 7pm (November 8th). We can book a hotel for you in Moshi. This option will cost an additional 75 euro, making the estimated costs 325 euro in total.
To register for the field trip, please send an email to Only after registration we can decide whether the field trip can take place, depending on the amount of people signed up. Please provide us with your full name as stated in your passport, the flight option you desire and the name of the hotel you will be staying during the conference. We will send you a confirmation. Please note that we will ask you to pay for the field trip in advance.

About the organization

PharmAccess is a Dutch organization, dedicated to improving health in Africa through pioneering innovative approaches. PharmAccess works closely with public and private financiers for the benefit of doctors and patients through insurance (Health Insurance Fund), loans to doctors (Medical Credit Fund), medical standards (SafeCare), private investments (Investment Fund for Health in Africa) and operational research (Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development). Together, this group of organizations serves the purpose of making good health care accessible for everyone in Africa.
PharmAccess and the Health Insurance Fund have been operating the health insurance programs for five years in five different countries and have over 100,000 people benefiting from a healthcare package that includes HIV/Aids, TB and malaria plus mother and child health care. 


Nov 8 @ 19.00

Option 1: Flight DAR-JRO
PW432 19.00-1950 


Nov 9 @ 06.00

Option Flight DAR-JRO
PW434 06.00-07.20 



Airport Pick up as per above arrival times

Kilimanjaro International Airport


Or pick up from Hotel

Bristol Cottage


Briefing and introductions

PharmAccess Office, KNCU Building


Meeting with KNCU Board: Intro to the Health Plan and organization, background on the start-up (coffee served!)

Boardroom, KNCU Building 


Presentation at MicroEnsure:
Registration, Marketing, Sales and Claims Administration

MicroEnsure Office 


Travel to Marangu



Lunch in Marangu 

Fortune Resort 


Visit the health facility Rauya Dispensary: view refurbishments, overview of quality improvement components and process 

Rauya Dispensary, Marangu 


Visit Marangu East Primary Society: Presentation of Coffee Collection, a brief talk by [KNCU] agricultural officer PS role in the HP, Q&A 

Marangu East PS Office, Marangu 


Departure to Airport from Marangu, pass by hotel to pick up luggage. Drinks and rolls at airport. 



Flight JRO-DAR PW433 19.40-21.00

Kilimanjaro International Airport

Registration deadline

30 October 2012


The 8th International Microinsurance Conference 2012 is being organised by the Munich Re Foundation. Alongside this conference other entities independently organise field trips. Munich Re Foundation cannot be made liable for any claims arising in connection with such trips.





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