6 - 8 November 2018, Lusaka, Zambia

Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets

14th International Microinsurance Conference

The 14th IMC “Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets” took place in Lusaka from 6 – 8 November 2018. Approximately 450 experts from around the world discussed and identified ways of accelerating growth and economic viability in inclusive insurance for emerging markets. The conference was hosted by the Microinsurance Technical Advisory Group of Zambia (TAG) and the Munich Re Foundation in cooperation with the MiN.


The microinsurance sector has experienced persistent growth in client outreach and premium volumes over the past ten years. Today, nearly 300 million low-income citizens in developing countries are covered by an insurance policy. New technologies are boosting market coverage. In Asia alone, the number of people insured through mobile phones exceeds 40 million. Furthermore, the G7 has decided to insure 400 million people against climate risks by 2020. Nonetheless, many people are still without cover or alternative risk management options. With the global middle class expected to grow to nearly five billion within two decades, we are looking at billions of people who are without a formal safety net from insurance and hence at risk of falling (back) into poverty.
The need to respond to this situation by understanding the role of insurance for sustainable development, improving supply, heightening the awareness of insurance, creating the right regulatory framework and better understanding the particular needs of the low income population is the main focus of the International Microinsurance Conference. Representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, distribution channels, investment funds, international organisations, NGOs and development-aid agencies, as well as academics, policymakers and supervisory regulators, from around 50 countries will attend the conference. Attendees will exchange views on current growth trends and risks in emerging markets and discuss key factors for successful implementation and maximised business opportunities to bring supply and demand to the next level.
Structure and objectives of the conference 
The conference will feature panel discussions on key topics addressing an interdisciplinary audience. Additional working group sessions will deal in depth with subtopics. Interactive sessions hosted by partner organisations of the International Microinsurance Conference will be a key part of the conference, facilitating dialogue in small groups on emerging issues. Keynote speeches will look at the latest international, national and local insights.
Conference language

Timeline and acceptance

Call for proposal starts 15 March 2018
Submission deadline for proposals and draft papers 10 May 2018
Application deadline for rapporteurs 30 June 2018
Notification of acceptance of proposals 1 July 2018
Start of registration  6 August 2018
Submission of draft presentations for the conference  15 September 2018
Submission of final presentations and papers for the conference  15 October 2018




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