p(e)d world workers together with local helpers have installed the first collectors.
The fog nets will improve water supplies for the 600 pupils in Babati.

Fog nets for Tanzania

Rain is a rare occurrence in the highlands of Babati in the north of Tanzania and in Singida in the centre of the country. However, thick fogs often gather at night and in the early hours of the morning. The German organisation p(e)d world, winner of our last call to tenders, is building fog nets in this region. A project full of promise.

New collectors installed
Test collectors have been set up at seven different locations since August 2012. One square metre of fog net harvests five to ten litres of drinking water on average, on peak days even as much as twenty litres. In November 2013, p(e)d world commenced construction of three large-scale double-net collectors with our support. Each spanning a surface area of 80 square metres, the fog nets will improve water supplies for the 600 pupils of a primary school in the village of Quameyu in Babati and relieve the girls of their water-collecting duties. In Tanzania, Morocco and many other African countries, it is namely the girls who are responsible for fetching water, even at school. Day in, day out, they must go during school hours to collect water from the well at a distance of three kilometers from the village. This not only takes a long time but the water is also often muddy and contaminated by bacteria, so that it must be boiled before use.

Planning for 2014 completed
Our sponsorship project in the Singida region of Central Tanzania will begin in 2014. Seven net collectors will be built here for four villages and two schools. The local TECONAREMAP organisation and the village residents' committees will be closely involved in the planning measures. This is particularly important to ensure the maintenance of the project and also, ultimately, its sustainability. At present, our project partners are training the people in the villages in preparation for the project. Materials are procured as far as possible from domestic sources, which is of central importance to our project partners. 

The p(e)d world drinking water project will improve the living conditions of the local people. And the so promising fog net technology will have yet another project under its belt.

20 December 2013


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