2019 RISK Award: 109 applications from 48 countries

2019 RISK Award: 109 applications from 48 countries

The call for proposals for the „Coastal Resilience“ RISK Award ended on 30 November. We received 109 applications from 48 countries which address the issue from different perspectives. The high number of proposals clearly proves the necessity for countries and the people living in coastal areas to act . >more

Improving medical care in Nepal

The Nursing Association in Nepal (NAN) has won the 2017 RISK Award and is using the prize money to improve medical care for many thousands of people in Nepal. With their partner organisations, they are developing new, digital information and communication technologies for the health sector. >more

2015 RISK Award India: A project is completed – and hits the ground running

We have achieved more than we could have hoped for: there are now training groups in 64 communities, coaching lessons in primary schools and universities, and a network of aid workers has been established in both urban centres and rural districts. >more

A new focus: Preparing Denotified and Nomadic Tribes in India for disaster risk

The RISK Award 2015 has a new focus. Our partners from AIILSG now include one of the most vulnerable populations: Nomadic tribes in India. >more