2015 RISK Award India: A project is completed – and hits the ground running

In 2015, our partner NGO, the All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG), began to establish local self-help groups in India to help protect against natural disasters. Our objective was to target at least four slums in the sprawling city of Pune, and to make life safer for the inhabitants there. Today, a little more than two years later, we have achieved more than we could have hoped for: there are now training groups in 64 communities, coaching lessons in primary schools and universities, and a network of aid workers has been established in both urban centres and rural districts. And last but not least, there is a new risk monitoring app, and close networking with new and influential partners from the private sector. The picture gallery below presents 13 impressions from an AIILSG final dissemination seminar held in December 2017.

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