The new topic for the RISK Award 2015 was announced during the opening of the IDRC 2014.

RISK Award 2015 – 145 applications

The application phase for the third RISK Award ended on 1 November 2014. This year there were twice as many participants as last year. One hundred and forty-five applications reached us from sixty countries.

Organisations from all areas of disaster management had been invited to submit project suggestions dealing with the subject of "Disaster risk reduction – people centred, sustainable and innovative". The RISK Award 2015 on this subject carries a prize of €100,000 and will be bestowed at the UN "Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction" in Sendai in March 2015.

In total, 145 applications from 60 countries were submitted. They included 19 applications from science and academia, 19 from governmental representatives and public authorities and 99 from non-profit organisations and/or NGOs.

The origins of the applicants are also interesting. Asia including Arabia with 64 applications was the strongest group of applicants followed by Africa with 38, Europe with 18, Latin America with 17, Northern America with 6 and Australia/Oceania with 2 applications.

The RISK Award Team would like to thank everyone for their great interest and exciting project ideas. The evaluation process will take some time. The decision will be taken in February 2015. The winner will be officially announced in Sendai in March.

CB, 11 November 2014

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