The new topic for the RISK Award 2015 was announced during the opening of the IDRC 2014.

2015 RISK Award: “Disaster risk reduction – people-centered, innovative and sustainable”

Apply by 1 November 2014 and win funding up to €100,000

The risks resulting from population development, environmental and climate change are increasing. Complex technical systems and infrastructure are additional risk factors. We recognise the need to address this development. The RISK Award will contribute to improved risk reduction by providing financial support to a project dedicated to these issues.

The specific objective is to increase people’s resilience to risks and disasters. The award may concentrate on population development, water as a resource, and other risk factors may also be an issue. 

The 2015 RISK Award will prize a proposal which focuses on disaster risk reduction. It may be a technical proposal, a legal framework affecting building codes or e.g. social work. Important is a sustainable approach and the will to reduce existing risks or to avoid new risks.

Submissions can include projects that are new, under development, or are upgrades of existing systems, techniques, and services, or that adapt existing concepts to different applications. They may be submitted by individuals, teams or institutions from different sectors, including governmental bodies. 

The award winner will receive funding up to €100,000 in order to implement the project. The prize may also be divided among projects. 

To apply, please download the application form, fill it out and forward it to Further information is provided here.


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