Climate change mitigation

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    Climate change, predominantly the result of human activity, is real and has a major influence on weather-related disasters. Science provides ever clearer evidence of this fact, although to differing degrees depending on region and type of hazard.

    Climate change is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. Immediate and decisive action is necessary to limit global warming in the sense of the Paris Agreement. This requires a quick and substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions combined with an active removal of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. The transformation required to achieve climate-neutrality is substantial and will affect all parts of the economy and society. Low-carbon strategies and technologies must be implemented urgently.

    Creating long-term solutions to climate change requires the buy-in and participation of everybody in society. Munich Re Foundation aims to strengthen awareness for the need for climate change-related action in politics and all parts of society. We offer various formats and events to enable fact-based communication and dialogue to inform the public debate.

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