Climate risk and adaptation

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    Climate change causes an increase in the frequency and severity of extreme weather events leading to disasters. According to the IPCC, approximately 3.3 to 3.6 bn people are highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Vulnerable people in the global south are particularly affected. Adapting to a changing climate and reducing disaster risks is key to protect peoples’ lives and livelihoods. But there are still significant gaps between adaptation action taken and adaptation needs.

    The Munich Re Foundation supports innovative approaches to risk prevention and climate change adaptation in emerging and developing countries. The aim is to strengthen the adaptive capabilities of the most vulnerable people to the effects of climate change, in line with the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction

    The effects of climate change are felt most heavily on the local level. At the same time, solutions are developed and implemented here. We fund innovative ideas and on-the-ground projects at the local level. Also, we facilitate knowledge dissemination on these approaches.

    Local action needs to be complemented by policy frameworks and adaptation finance on the national and international level to scale adaptation efforts and solutions. We work with academia, international organizations, practitioners and civil society to advance adaptation knowledge and contribute to the policy debate.

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