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About us
From knowledge to action

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    Who we are

    The Munich Re Foundation was set up as a non-profit organisation in 2005. At the heart of our Foundation is Munich Re’s commitment to act responsibly and share knowledge. Based in Munich, our activities span the globe, primarily in emerging and developing countries.

    Our purpose and vision

    We tackle pressing global challenges and develop solutions for people at risk. At the core of our Foundation lies a responsibility to enhance the well-being of communities through a deep understanding and adept management of risks. It’s not just about mitigating threats – it’s also about utilising the wealth of knowledge within Munich Re for the benefit of society.

    Our focus

    We concentrate on climate risk and adaptation, climate change mitigation and inclusive insurance which complements Munich Re’s sustainability agenda.

    We use our expertise to address pivotal elements within the risk management value chain. This includes a thorough understanding of risks, as well as how to prevent them, and expands the scope of risk transfer mechanisms that benefit vulnerable people and communities. In this way, we actively contribute to the resilience and sustainability of the global community.

    We participate in every aspect of creating positive change. From generating and disseminating knowledge to fostering innovative solutions and providing direct support for local projects, our approach is defined by active engagement. We build bridges and promote networks by bringing together different stakeholders to exchange knowledge, facilitate learning and develop solutions.

    Global reach, local impact

    It is our commitment to work towards the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Working hand in hand with local, national, and international partners and networks, we amplify our impact across borders. At the same time, we address global challenges at the local level and make a tangible difference where it matters most.

    Our three fields of action

    Climate risk and adaptation

    We dedicate our efforts to developing and sharing innovative solutions for risk prevention and climate change adaptation, particularly in emerging and developing countries. Our goal is to empower vulnerable communities not just to address current challenges but to increase resilience to future risks.

    Inclusive insurance

    Our mission is to increase the outreach of insurance solutions in emerging and developing countries. We actively enhance conditions to make insurance accessible to all. We facilitate the collaboration of relevant stakeholders and support knowledge creation and dissemination. 

    Climate change mitigation

    For long-term change, our mission is to foster diverse public debate, affirming awareness in politics and society. Through dialogue and education, we contribute to a shared understanding, informed choices, and collective responsibility for a sustainable future.

    A holistic commitment to sustainability

    We are dedicated to sustainable development. Our internal processes align with this vision in two fundamental ways:

    Sustainable investment: Our commitment extends beyond projects, reaching into the realm of investment strategy.

    Calculating and offsetting our carbon footprint: Acknowledging the interconnectedness of our actions with the environment, we take responsibility for our institutional carbon footprint.