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Munich Energy School: New video series on water, wind and solar energy

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    Since 2009, the Munich-based environmental organisation Green City e.V. has been running interactive school workshops on the topics of climate protection, energy conversation, renewable energies and careers in the fields of environment and sustainability as part of its educational project Munich Energy School. Since the pandemic made it impossible to hold workshops in schools this year, a series of videos has been produced for the students.

    They explain in an exciting and easy-to-understand way how electricity is obtained from renewable energies. The seven short videos take up the content that would otherwise have been taught in primary schools in the project week entitled “Sun — full of energy”. They can be used by teachers as supplementary material in lessons, or they can be watched at home by the children with their parents. The focus is on providing a fun approach to learning, and on conveying environmental topics in an interesting and age-appropriate way.

    In addition, the lesson material on renewable energies for grades 2 to 5 can be downloaded. Various aspects of energy and sustainability are explained in worksheets, puzzles and an interactive quiz, together with answers to many questions on climate protection. Munich Re Foundation has been supporting the Munich Energy School since 2011. We are pleased that the cancellation of the workshops due to coronavirus has produced such a valuable outcome.

    29 March 2021