ICII 2023
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Field Trip
VisionFund Ghana

International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2023, Accra, Ghana
27 October 2023

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    Invitation to join a field trip with VisionFund Ghana

    About the field trip

    Here is an opportunity to learn and experience how VisionFund Ghana (VFG) has rolled out inclusive Insurance to financially excluded segments of the communities in Ghana.

    Join VFG on a field trip to learn about our products, meet clients that have benefited from our schemes and see VFG's field staff training and enrolling clients.

    The field trip will take a maximum of 20 people on a first come first served basis

    Program:  8:00 - 15:00

    This will be a day program on 27 October and we expect participants to leave the hotel at 8:00 and be back in the hotel by 15:00 hours. In the field trip participants will interact with our core staff and will be able to observe the following:

    a.         Visit a credit life client with claim experience
    Here visitors will have an opportunity to hear from a family that has benefited from credit life insurance following the passing away of the main life ensured. Instead of remaining with the burden of paying off a loan from VisionFund, the insurer cleared the outstanding balance and provided a cash pay-out and this enabled the family to quickly restore their livelihood activities

    b.       Attend a meeting during which a new Savings Group is being trained on Insurance
    VisionFund provides Hospicash Insurance (including death and disability) to members of World Vision Savings Groups so that the members can be given protection when these shocks occur. Visitors will have an opportunity to see a field officer introducing the concept of insurance to a new group and educating them on how insurance works. Visitors will see the training methods that we use to help people with low literacy levels to understand complex financial concepts.

    c.         Observe enrolment of a client or group
    VisionFund has developed a digital platform for enrolling clients and managing claims. Visitors will be able to observe clients being enrolled on the digital platform. This helps reducing enrolment and claim management costs and allows the Insurance provider to offer a lower premium.

    d.       Visit a Savings Group Client with claim experience
    Visitors will have an opportunity to hear from a Savings Group member that has been hospitalized and had gone through a claim process. The team will have an opportunity to interact with clients to hear their understanding on insurance, their satisfaction, and their feedback on how to improve the product and processes.

    How to register

    Please register through https://forms.office.com/r/aqbe5g3TVt and we will get back to you with additional information. Deadline for registration is 25 October 2023.  

    Participation fee

    Participants will be required to pay a participation fee of USD 50 to be paid. Payment details will be sent to participants that will have registered.


    > ndumiso_mpofu@wvi.org


    The ICII 2023 will be jointly hosted by the National Insurance Commission of Ghana (NIC), the Ghana Insurance Association (GIA) and the Insurance Brokers’ Association of Ghana (IBAG) in cooperation with the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network.  Alongside this conference, other entities organise field trips independently. The organizers of the ICII 2023 cannot be held liable for any claims arising in connection with such trips.