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    About the program

    A majority of insurers and distributors in traditionally underserved markets still struggle to offer insurance products that are viable for them and valuable for consumers. Capacity gaps among insurers’ staff are one of the factors inhibiting this progress.

    The Impact Insurance Facility of the ILO seeks to develop a sustainable flow of high-quality capacity building programmes to insurers, distributors and other market players, as part of its mission to develop inclusive insurance markets. Among these initiatives, the “Impact Insurance Academy” is offered in an attempt to bridge the capacity gaps of insurance professionals on business models and strategies of how to provide insurance solutions to the underserved markets. The course is supported by the Munich Re Foundation.


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    Date (online)

    27 May - 28 June 2024

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    Scholarships are available.


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    30 September - 4 October, Turin, Italy (in-person)

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    Scholarships are available.


    Hector Alejandro  Sanchez Rojas
    © Munich Re Foundation / Dirk Reinhard
    I think the main challenges are innovative products and distribution channels ...
    Hector Alejandro Sanchez Rojas
    Executive President/CEO,
    Seguros Ademi, Dominican Republic - Participant 2023

    What will I learn?

    The course has five specific objectives:

    • Possess criteria for pre-selecting possible distribution channels to access the low-income market and practice analyzing the available options
    • Identify key factors influencing demand for insurance services and analyze its implication for market research and marketing strategy
    • Reveal features that make insurance products relevant and explore the design and pricing process
    • Apply a framework for analyzing claims processes, incorporating perspectives of both business viability and client value
    • Formulate strategies of how to make impact insurance viable and articulate the business case for providing insurance responsibly

    Why should I join?

    • This is your time to think through your company’s strategy and operations in underserved markets, exchange ideas with the peers confronted with similar challenges 
    • The course is practical in nature, providing real tools and insights (including – on technological innovations) and drawing out the wisdom and experience already gained by the industry
    • Case-studies and examples from the world’s leading impact insurance providers
    Aisha Ibrahim Bashir, Head of Microinsurance Unit, National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Nigeria - Participant 2023
    © Munich Re Foundation / Dirk Reinhard
    Efforts should be made to simplify insurance concepts, embarking on education campaigns and awareness, use of local languages, and engagement of community leaders to convey the importance of insurance.
    Aisha Ibrahim Bashir
    Head of Microinsurance Unit
    National Insurance Commission (NAICOM), Nigeria - Participant 2023