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Climate justice and climate-induced migration -
Climate change has many faces

Workshop as part of
Münchner Klimaherbst 2023

16 October 2023 at 19:00

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    In collaboration with  Munich School of Philosophy  and  Münchner Volkshochschule

    Climate change has many faces - almost eight billion, in fact. Humans are both the cause of climate change and the victims of its far-reaching consequences. There are already many experiences and stories to tell about climate change.

    The World Bank estimates that up to 143 million people could become climate refugees by 2050. The reason: the impact of environmental and climate change on their habitat and livelihoods is so dramatic that they see no other way out. Who are the people behind the stories of extreme weather we regularly read in the media? What is their vision of a just world? And how will we deal with climate-induced migration in the future?

    We invite you to explore with us the issues of climate justice and climate-induced migration, to discuss the causes of migration and to hear stories from countries undergoing climate change, told by people who had their home there...


    Dr. Annika Mannah
    Head of Projects & Cooperations, Deutsche KlimaStiftung (introduction)

    Yusri Mohammed
    Climate ambassador from Iraq

    Stanley Pierre Pizzar
    Climate ambassador from Haiti


    Venue: Munich School of Philosophy, Kaulbachstraße 31, 80539 München

    Event date:  16 October 2023, start: 19:00

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    Please note that the event language is German.

    The Münchner Klimaherbst  series of events will take place from 6 to 31 October 2023. This year's theme is "Fair enough?" and focuses on climate and justice. Numerous lectures, films, excursions, discussions and much more will take place throughout the city.

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