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Climate justice and climate-induced migration -
Climate change has many faces

Workshop as part of the Munich Climate Autumn on 16 October 2023 at the Munich School of Philosophy

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    Climate change has many faces - around eight billion, to be precise. This is because humans are both the cause of climate change and the victims of its far-reaching consequences. There are already many experiences and stories to tell about climate change. At the workshop "KlimaGesichter", organised by the German Climate Foundation, participants had the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic of climate migration, discuss the causes of migration and hear stories from countries affected by climate change, told by people who have - or had - their home there.
    On 16 October, we welcomed our guests to the "KlimaGesichter" workshop at the Munich School of Philosophy.

    Climate change as a reason for climate-induced migration

    The World Bank estimates that up to 143 million people could become climate refugees by 2050. The reason: the impact of environmental and climate change on their habitat and livelihoods is so dramatic that they see no other way out. Which people are affected by the extreme weather events that we regularly read about in the media and what is their vision of a just world?

    Climate ambassadors told their stories

    Two climate ambassadors from the German Climate Foundation shared their life stories and the changes in their countries of origin with the workshop visitors in very different but nevertheless very impressive ways. Anne Marcelle Rakotonirina from Madagascar, currently a UNESCO programme intern at the German Climate Foundation, presented her home country. She explained where and why climate change has changed life in Madagascar and how climate change is already making some regions uninhabitable. Particularly in connection with the difficult political and economic situation in the country, people in Madagascar are confronted with increasingly difficult living conditions, which ultimately often drive them to flee their homeland. 
    Climate ambassador Stanley Pierre Pizzar from Haiti.

    Living conditions are also extremely difficult for many people in Haiti and in some parts of the Caribbean. Stanley Pierre Pizzar, climate ambassador from Haiti, sees it as his task to repeatedly draw people's attention to this in Germany. "Because many people don't even realise how profoundly climate change has already changed life and society in the Caribbean. In Haiti, for example, too many extreme weather events such as storms, heavy rain or periods of drought in recent years have also led to a sharp rise in crime. Looting, robbery and theft are on the rise. Many people have lost their belongings." Stanley's very personal rap, accompanied by music from Haiti, in which he told the workshop participants his escape story in a very unique way, was particularly impressive. 

    It was a special experience to listen to the stories of the two climate ambassadors. The intense, very personal stories added an emotional level that is otherwise missing in many discussions. The workshop "KlimaGesichter" makes it possible to discuss the topics not only from a sober, fact-based perspective, but also from the perspective of those emotionally affected. It gives a voice to people who are otherwise not heard. At the same time, the workshop calls on everyone to take action: A change of course in our approach to the environment and nature is urgently needed. We must become active and campaign for climate protection and a socio-ecological transformation. Anne Marcelle Rakotonirina and Stanley Pierre Pizzar have clearly demonstrated this to us.


    The workshop was designed by the German Climate Foundation in conjunction with the travelling exhibition KLIMAFLUCHT. The exhibition was shown in October 2023 at the Munich School of Philosophy in cooperation with the Munich Re Foundation and the Münchner Volkshochschule. The workshop took place as part of the Münchner Klimaherbst, which was primarily dedicated to the topic of climate justice in 2023.

    Some regions of Madagascar are uninhabitable due to climate change, said climate ambassador Anne Marcelle Rakotonirina.


    Dr. Annika Mannah
    Head of Projects & Cooperations, Deutsche KlimaStiftung (introduction)

    Anne Marcelle Rakotonirina
    Climate ambassador from Madagascar

    Stanley Pierre Pizzar
    Climate ambassador from Haiti

    The Münchner Klimaherbst series of events took place from 6 to 31 October 2023. This year's theme was "Fair enough?" and focused on climate and justice. Numerous lectures, films, excursions, discussions and much more will take place throughout the city.

    Klimaherbst.YOUTH was an additional programme from 6 October to 5 November 2023, aimed at children, young people aged 14 to 30 and teachers.