University projects and lectures

Climate change, risk transfer and sustainability in education

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    Knowledge obligates! Since its beginning, knowledge transfer is one of our core goals at Munich Re Foundation. In accordance with this motto, we organise project seminars in cooperation with universities and as well offer lectures at high schools or at other educational institutions. The close relationship with universities – not limited only to the Munich area – is beneficial to both parties. Students gain insights in all foundation related topics and we offer our connections to all stakeholders involved – be it from the policy or UN world, the NGO and development sector or private sector. We on the other hand benefit by staying up-to-date with latest science and research results.


    Lectures at schools and universities in and around Munich or worldwide online

    We offer lectures on various topics from our range of expertise to schools in Munich and the surrounding area - or worldwide online. Climate change and resilience, as well as issues such as sustainable capital investment and issues pertaining to insurance solutions (e.g. microinsurance and poverty reduction) are among the topics that can be covered. Depending on available resources, we present approximately 15 lectures at various institutions each year. Please feel free to contact us with inquiries about our lectures.