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    In the IntoActions we describe the foundation's field projects from the start of planning to the end of funding. It is mostly about disaster risk management and climate change adaptation projects in developing and emerging countries. All RISK Award projects are explained in detail. The fog nets are also addressed in these publications.
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    IntoAction 11 | RISK Award Vietnam
    Strong roots, strong women (2023)
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    IntoAction 10 | RISK Award Bangladesh
    Coastal resilience in Bangladesh - Floating Homes (2023)
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    IntoAction 9 | RISK Award Nepal
    EpiNurse - Improving Health Care in Nepal (2020)
    IntoAction 8 | Gibika Bangladesh
    Securing livelihoods against climate change (2020)
    IntoAction 7 | RISK Award India
    Self Assessment and Planning for DRR (2018)
    IntoAction 6 | RISK Award Chile
    Gestión Inclusiva del Riesgo de Desastres (2016)
    IntoAction 6 | RISK Award Chile
    Inclusive Disaster Risk Management (2016)
    IntoAction 5 | Fog nets
    Fog nets (2015)
    IntoAction 5 | Nebelnetze
    Nebelnetze (2015)
    IntoAction 4 | RISK Award Mozambique
    Making the city of Beira more resilient against floods and cyclones (2013)
    IntoAction 3 | Disaster Risk Management
    Early-warning system for the Kingdom of Tonga (2009)
    IntoAction 2 | Disaster Risk Management
    Flood-warning system in Mozambique
    IntoAction 1 | Microinsurance
    Making insurance work for the poor (2006)