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The Climate Academy 2022
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12 to 16 September 2022

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    Climate Academy 2022 - A1
    Christine Juta (Power Futures Lab): "Digitalization and Energy transition"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A1
    Erick Tambo (UNU-EHS): "Digitalization & Rural Electricity Access"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A1
    Josef Noll (University of Oslo): "Energy & Digital, the Enablers for Climate Change"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A3
    Enock Nyorekwa Twinoburyo (SDGCA): "Tracking and Reporting SDG 7 Progress in Africa"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A3
    Rohit Sen (ICLEI): "Accelerating Action on Energy Access"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A4
    Christine Juta (Power Futures Lab): "Political economy of the next wave of power sector reforms in Africa, driven by unprecedented innovation in enabling technology and business models"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A4
    Fabio Iannone (Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies): "Renewable Energy Communities as a way to enhance social, environmental and economic development of local population in rural areas"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A4
    Vicky Ghafi Kondi Akara (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS)): "Weather variability and socio-economic factors effect on electricity demand in 47 African cities"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A5
    Nanteza Grace (Run Automations): "Remote Monitoring to Accelerate Access to Clean Energy"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A5
    Pietro Visetti (Green Digital Finance Alliance): "Encyclopenergy"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A6
    ereje Yohannes Ashenafi (United Nation Economic Commission for Africa) Ethiopia: "Emerging technologies as a fundamental component of Smart cities for energy conservation and to mitigate climate change, the case of Africa"
    Climate Academy 2022 - A7
    Shailendra Kumar Mandal (National Institute of Technology Patna): "Challenges and Barriers for Implementing Smart Energy Management in improving the Water–Energy Nexus in Smart Cities of India"

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