13 - 15 July 2022, Livingstone, Zambia

Inclusive Insurance Business Models for Africa

7th Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conference on Inclusive Insurance
13 - 15 July 2022, Livingstone, Zambia

The 2022 Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Conference on Inclusive Insurance is part of the series of regional learning sessions aimed at contributing to the development of inclusive insurance markets in Africa. The 7th regional conference is hosted by the TAG Microinsurance Association, Munich Re Foundation and FinProbity Solutions. The conference is supported by the Pensions and Insurance Authority (PIA) , Financial Sector Deepening Zambia (FSD Zambia) and the Microinsurance Network.

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This regional conference is a combination of high-quality training and plenary sessions aimed at sharing insights on inclusive insurance business models that are making access to low-income market segments in Africa possible.

The organisation and implementation of this conference is based on the strong belief of the power of learning and sharing; the conference therefore brings international, regional and local professionals who will exchange experiences and discuss a number of key themes and topics on inclusive insurance business. They include representatives from insurance and reinsurance companies, brokers, distribution channels, international organisations, NGOs, development-aid agencies, policymakers, regulators and supervisors in Africa. 


The Landscape of Inclusive Insurance in Zambia: Insights from Zambia’s journey, led by the TAG, towards inclusive insurance market and an up-to-date portrait of the state of the inclusive insurance market in Zambia.

Digital insurance: Exploratory insights and lessons from trends and business models on inclusive digital insurance solutions; taking stock of what has worked and what has not worked in digital inclusive insurance solutions and business models.

SME Insurance: Emerging as a key growth area for inclusivity of insurance in a number of countries; an exploration of emerging and promising models for extending insurance small and medium sized enterprises.

Health insurance: Exploration on client value and viability dimensions of national health insurance schemes in Africa.

Agriculture insurance: Sharing experiences and lessons learned from various inclusive agricultural insurance schemes; taking stock of emerging and promising models.

Developing and regulating inclusive insurance markets: Sharing lessons and experiences on strategies employed to catalyse the development of insurance sectors for inclusivity and innovation. This includes lessons from insurance regulators on how to balance market development and supervisory roles.

Pre-conference events - July 13

Hosted by TAG & FinProbity Solutions

Lorenzo Chan
President, Pioneer Insurance, Philippines

Ovia K.Tuhairwe
CEO, Radiant Yacu, Rwanda

Ashok Shah
CEO, APA Insurance, Kenya

Agnes Chakonta
Managing Director, Madison Life, Zambia

Bert Opdebeeck
Microinsurance Master, Belgium

Lemmy Manje
Founder & CEO, FinProbity Solutions, Rwanda/Zambia 

Pre-conference events - July 14

Hosted by FinProbity Solutions

Indira Gopalakrishna 
CEO, Inclusivity Solutions, Singapore

Andrew Nkolola
CEO, AYO Zambia

Oscar Githinji Ng’ang’a
Business Development Manager, MEDbook, Kenya

Siani Malama
Business Development Manager, Democrance, Kenya

Jeremiah Siage
Co-Founder & Director, CoverApp, Kenya  

Lemmy Manje
Founder & CEO, FinProbity Solutions, Rwanda/Zambia 

Conference agenda - July 14

Shipango Muteto
President, TAG Association/Zep-Re, Zambia

Engwase Mwale
CEO, FSD Zambia, Zambia

Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Germany

Keynote Speech 
Craig Churchill
Chief - Social Finance Programme and Team Leader - ILO Impact Insurance Facility, Switzerland

Mauwa Lungu
Director - Financial Services Supply, FSD Zambia, Zambia

Landscape presentations
Mark Robertson
Knowledge Manager, Microinsurance Network, South Africa

Landscape presentations
Lemmy Manje
Founder & CEO, FinProbity Solutions, Rwanda/Zambia 

Anselmi Anselmi
Microinsurance Coordinator, Tanzania

Jacky Huma
Head of Micro & Access Product Institutions Supervision, FSCA, South Africa

Elias Omondi
Senior Manager – Risk Regulations, FSD Africa, Kenya TBC

Yizaso Musonda
Manager – Ag Market Development, Pensions and Insurance Authority, Zambia

Hannah Grant
Head of the Secretariat, A2ii, Germany


Conference agenda - July 15

Indira Gopalakrishna
CEO, Inclusivity Solutions, Singapore

Andrew Nkolola
CEO, AYO Zambia

Valerie Labi
Country Director, BIMA, Ghana

Menna Alla Hegazy
General Manager, Fawry insurance brokerage, Egypt

Jeremiah Siage
Co-Founder & Director, CoverApp, Kenya



Melinda Grace Labao
Head of Microinsurance, Pioneer Insurance, Philippines 

Violet Kapeleke
Inclusive Insurance Manager, Hollard Insurance, Zambia

Jeremy Gray
Resilience lead, Cenfri, South Africa

Kennedy Siamuwele
Ag CEO, ZSIC Life, Zambia



Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby
CEO, National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Ghana

Jacob Chirwa
Project Lead, NHIMA, Zambia

Lisa Morgan
Technical Specialist, ILO Impact Insurance Facility, Switzerland

Ayandev Saha
Head - Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance, KMD Dastur & Company London, United Kingdom


Ashok Shah
CEO, APA Insurance, Kenya

Joyce Chirwa Mlewa
Country Director, Pula Advisors, Zambia

Pranav Prashad 
Technical Expert- Social Finance and Impact Insurance, ILO Impact Insurance Facility, Switzerland 

Ayandev Saha
Head - Climate Risk Adaptation and Insurance, KM Dastur & Company London, United Kingdom

Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Germany


Agnes Uwanyiligira
Chief Programs Officer, Access to Finance, Rwanda

Agnes Chakonta
Managing Director, Madison Life, Zambia

Titus Kalenga (Sky Reinsurance Brokers), Juliet Munro (FSD Africa) and Doubell Chamberlain (Cenfri)

Collins Hamusonde
CEO, ABSA Life, Zambia

Edna Kalenga
CEO, Sky Reinsurance Brokers, Zambia

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