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International Conference on Inclusive Insurance 2021

Agenda, presentations and recordings

25 - 29 October 2021

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Day 1 - 25 October 2021
Scaping the landscape of inclusive insurance


Katharine Pulvermacher
Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg  

Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Chair of the Steering Comitee, Germany


Pierre Gramegna

Minister of Finance, Luxembourg


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Hosted by the Microinsurance Network

During this session, the results of the 2021 Landscape Study, covering 31 countries will be launched. The study is conducted by the Microinsurance Network with strong support from its landscape best practice group as well as insurance supervisors and associations in participating countries. This session will also focus on voices from the field and announce new partnerships intended to accelerate reaching scale through multi-year country programmes.


Mark Robertson
Knowledge Manager, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg
"Presenting the findings"
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Ken Mungan
Chairman, Milliman, USA

Laura Rosado
Head of Strategy and Performance Management, AXA Emerging Customers, France

Jan Kellett
Special Advisor UNDP Corporate Lead - Insurance & Risk Finance, UNDP, Switzerland


Katharine Pulvermacher
Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg

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Hosted by Microinsurance Master

Failure and success go hand in hand. Testing new microinsurance solutions come with failure, which should not be feared, but embraced as learning opportunities that can lead to improvements and, ultimately, product breakthroughs. In this session, panellists will share their enrolment growth graphs and detail how learning from failures led to breakthroughs and successes in enrolments and renewals.
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Thilanka Kiriporuwa
Chief Corporate Services Officer, Softlogic Life, Sri Lanka

Moin Ahmed
Additional Managing Director & Company Secretary, Green Delta Insurance, Bangladesh

Ovia Tuhairwe
CEO, Radiant Yacu, Rwanda

Geric Laude
Head of Non-Life Retail, Pioneer Insurance, Philippines  



Bert Opdebeeck
Founder, Microinsurance Master, Belgium


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Hosted by ILO‘s Impact Insurance Facility

The velvet glove of the government is an essential component to expand the reach of inclusive insurance solutions. Exploring the lessons learned thus far from different geographies, the session will take a deeper dive to examine the various aspects of the Governments‘ efforts to develop and scale inclusive insurance solutions and create value across stakeholders. This includes a range of steps and activities from initial assessment studies to programme development, implementation and monitoring. The overall panel presentations will help the audience appreciate the work for gap identification, assessments and the steps the governments can take for developing inclusive insurance markets in collaboration with the private sector.


Paul Omara
Member of Parliament, Uganda

Cynthia Ayero
Inspection Officer - Non Life, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Uganda  

Michael Bryan Newball
Programs Officer, Banca de las Oportunidades, Colombia
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Nataly Galán Pérez
Leader of financial inclusion and innovation, Fasecolda, Colombia
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Priya Kumar
Business Head - Emerging Markets, Rural & Agriculture, SBI General Insurance Company Ltd., India  

Malay Kumar Poddar
Chairman-cum-Managing Director, Agriculture Insurance Co., India



Pranav Prashad
Senior Technical Officer, ILO, Switzerland

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Hosted by IFC / Microinsurance Network

Women play a crucial role for the economic development in emerging economies. But products tailored to meet their specific needs are hardly available. This session will discuss the global women’s insurance market opportunity and the roles insurers have in mitigating the negative impacts of COVID-19 on women as customers and employees. Participants will also hear from insurers and distribution partners who have created their own women’s insurance programs and come away inspired to put their learnings into action.  


Liza Garay-de Vaubernier
Global Head of ESG Business Development and Outreach, AXA Group, France

Gilles Renouil
Global Head of Insurance Solutions, Womens World Banking, Switzerland

Olajumoke Odunlami
Chief Customer & Marketing Officer, AXA Mansard, Nigeria
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Oyinkansola Adewunmi
Lead, Distribution Support, AXA Mansard, Nigeria
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Sarah Ebrahimi
Women's Insurance Program Officer, IFC, United States
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Katharine Pulvermacher
Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg  

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Day 2 - 26 October 2021
Climate and pandemic risks

This session will give an overview of agricultural insurance in a post-pandemic era and discuss two cases from India and Uganda.


Matthew Shakhovskoy
Senior Advisor, ISF Advisors, United States
"Agricultural Insurance: A global stocktake"
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Chenthil Kumar Chellan Leelabai
Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Tamil Nadu coastal sustainable livelihood society (PTSLP), India
"Design of community managed hybrid insurance programme for the small scale fishers: PTSLP Fishing Asset Risk Mutual Society (PFARMS)".
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Eleni Vakaki
Agriculture Index Insurance Specialist, eLEAF, Netherlands  
"Lessons learnt from Uganda"
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Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Germany

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Hosted by UC Davis - Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk & Resilience  

The current lack of consistent quality control makes investment in agricultural insurance a high risk, high reward endeavour. This plenary session will examine the rational for implementing an independent quality certification process for index insurance. The session will focus on the “Common Stake” argument highlighting why the various stakeholder groups involved in funding, implementing, or evaluating index insurance programmes might benefit from quality index insurance certification (QUIIC).   Representatives from international donor organizations, government, insurance regulators, and the private insurance sector will candidly discuss how they interpret, and could apply, this QUIIC certification solution in their own contexts.  


Cynthia Ayero
Inspection Officer, Insurance Regulatory Authority, Uganda

Hassan Bashir
Founder of Takaful Insurance of Africa Limited, Kenya  

Tom Dienya
Crops Insurance officer, Area Yield Index Insurance Program, Kenya  

Jennifer Cissé
Senior Research Manager, Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, Germany  


Tara Chiu
Associate Director, Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Markets, Risk and Resilience, UC Davis, United States
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Hosted by the Access to Insurance Initiative (A2ii)

The Pandemic is posing a threat to financial inclusion efforts globally. Lockdowns and social distancing have resulted in an economic crisis that presents a major risk of reversing the financial inclusion gains. Yet in spite of the adverse circumstances, the pandemic has presented some opportunities. In particular, it has raised awareness of protection gaps and the resilience that insurance builds as a risk management tool. It has also accelerated trends such as digitalisation and highlighted the growing need for public-private partnerships. During the session, the work of the IAIS Financial Inclusion Forum (FIF) focusing on COVID-19 will be built upon by the contributions of other stakeholders. It will be an opportunity to demonstrate some of the robust responses needed to counter and sustain momentum during these adverse circumstances and ensure that risk protection through insurance will be more inclusive in the post-pandemic world.

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Tomás Soley Pérez
Superintendent at Superintendencia General de Seguros, Costa Rica and Chair of the IAIS Financial Inclusion Forum, Costa Rica

Miles Larbey
Head of Financial Consumer Protection, OECD, France

Manuela Zweimueller
Head of Implementation, International Association of Insurance Supervisors, Switzerland

Nilofer Sohail  
Head of Channel Strategy and Executive, EFU Life, Pakistan  


Pascale Lamb
Advisor, Access to Insurance Initiative, Germany

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Hosted by the World Food Programme (WFP)

This session will explore a range of integrated climate risk finance interventions developed by different stakeholders in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to protect directly or indirectly the most vulnerable and food insecure populations against extreme weather events and disasters. During this session, the World Food Programme (WFP), the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility (CCRIF SPC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) will present their different approaches to promote resilience in the region.


Lena Schubmann
Programme and Policy Officer, WFP, Guatemala

Isaac Anthony
CEO, CCRIF,   Barbados

Mathieu Destrooper
International Delegate, Preparedness, Anticipation and Forecast Based Financing, IFRC, Germany

Kathryn Milliken
Climate change policy advisor of LAC, WFP, Italy


Andrea Camargo
Risk Financing Specialist, WFP, UK

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Day 3 - 27 October 2021
The challenge of reaching the client

Hosted by ILO‘s Impact Insurance Facility

Insurance education has the power to support individuals in making informed decisions about how to integrate insurance into their household and livelihood risk management strategies, potentially leading to higher uptake and usage of this tool. In practice, however, many insurance education programmes are not achieving this goal of influencing behaviour and numerous are the challenges faced by those who adventure in this field. This session aims to highlight the experience of stakeholders who have been innovating in the insurance education space: how have they dealt with the challenges and achieved impact in a cost-effective manner? What lessons have they learned?  



Isaac Agyapong
Safety Insurance Brokers, Ghana    
"The role of the insurance awareness coordinators group (ACG) in scaled-up market measures in Ghana: 2015-2020"
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Israel Muchena
Director, Hollard Seguros Moçambique, Mozambique
"Give the people what they want" - inclusive risk awareness education   informed by indigenous knowledge resources"
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Yegna Priya Bharat

Chief General Manager (Non-Life Department & Communications Department), IRDA, India
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Laura Enriquez
Financial Education and Consumer Protection Coordinator, FASECOLDA, Colombia
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Camyla Fonseca
Knowledge and Capacity Building Coordinator, ILO Social Finance Program, Switzerland
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Getting distribution right is the key to unlocking scale in micro insurance and in this session we will focus on how to leverage technology to get scale. With an introduction to the key trends from market leading think-tank Cenfri we will then hear from our panellists using examples from Argentina, India and the Philippines.  


Kate Rinehart-Smit
Engagement Manager, Cenfri, South Africa
"Innovation in product design, digital insurance distribution and customer engagement key to reaching underserved segments of the market"
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Maximiliano Selva
Partner, Insurtech Estacubierto, Argentina
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Ghay Lyne Mapano
Operations Manager, Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Brokers, Philippines
"Expanding Access to Insurance through Digital Platforms"
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Balachandran M K
Head - Rural and Micro Insurance, SBI General Insurance, India
"Affordable Health Insurance via WhatsApp chat"
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Richard Leftley
Executive Vice President International, Microinsurance Company, UK

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Adrian Stokes
President, IAJ, Jamaica

Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Germany

Opening Address
The Hon. Nigel Clarke
Minister, Finance and the Public Service, Jamaica

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Everton McFarlane
Executive Director, FSC, Jamaica

Leon Anderson
Consultant,  FSC, Jamaica
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Elizabeth Smith
Snr. Financial Analyst, FSC, Jamaica
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Rodolfo Wehrhahn
International Microinsurance Consultant, United States
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Steven Whittingham
Chief Operating Officer, GraceKennedy Financial Group, Jamaica

Jordon Tait
Assistant General Manager, GK General Insurance, Jamaica

Peter Whyte
Marketing Manager, National PC Bank, Jamaica

Jason Moses
Financial Inclusion Manager, GraceKennedy Financial Group, Jamaica



Chaluk Richards
General Manager, GK General Insurance, Jamaica

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1:15 PM - Jamaica time: Luncheon Presentation


Lorenzo Escondeur
Chief of Operations, Inter-American Development Bank, Jamaica

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Christabelle Brown
Operations Liaison (WiPay) and General Manager of WiShops, Jamaica
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Melanie Williams
Project coordinator - Financial Inclusion Strategy, Jamaica
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Kayon Walker-Heslop
Manager Direct Marketing Program – Employee Benefits, Jamaica
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17:30 (UTC-5)

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Day 4 - 28 October 2021
Digitization facilitating inclusive insurance

Hosted by PharmAccess

Ensuring health insurance coverage for all members of society is a viable way to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs), yet financing health insurance in this context requires innovative approaches. The rise of mobile technology in Africa offers the prospect to transform health insurance by increasing coverage, building transparency, and reducing costs. It has facilitated the development of mobile health payment platforms which enable millions of people to access health insurance. The session will feature examples how mobile technology and digital solutions are increasing health insurance enrolment and improving access to quality healthcare. Panellists will also discuss current challenges, and the opportunities for scaling digital health tools to improve financing and delivery of care in LMICs.  


Lydia Dsane-Selby
Chief Executive Officer, National Health Insurance Authority, Ghana

Olumide Okunola
Senior Health Specialist, World Bank in Nigeria

Ties Kroezen
Venture Leader, Connected Primary Care Solutions, Philips, Netherlands

Olubunmi Jetawo-Winter
Executive Secretary, Kwara State Health Insurance Agency, Nigeria

Kelvin Massingham
Director, Risk and Resilience,  FSD Africa, Kenya



Kwasi Boahene
Director Advocacy and Partnerships, The PharmAccess Group, Ghana  

> watch the video recording of Session 15

How does digitalization of health coverage improve access, efficiency and outcomes of health? A discussion of current models  being implemented in several countries with the challenges, barriers and success.


Saurabh Sharma
Director, Emerging Consumers, Britam, Kenya
"Britam & M-tiba partnership for savings linked digital health insurance"
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Michal Matul
Head of VAS, consumer insights and training, AXA Emerging Customers, France
"Digital health for Emerging Customers"
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Dante Portula
Senior Finance Adviser, GIZ, Philippines
"Telemedicine: an alternative mode of healthcare delivery during pandemic"
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Denis Garand
President, DGA, Canada

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Hosted by GIZ

As internet and technology access is constantly increasing worldwide, digital distribution channels, such as platforms or mobile insurance, can be key to make insurance more inclusive. These channels have the immense potential to increase outreach to rural, low-income, and hard-to-reach clients and allow closing the protection gap by overcoming geographic or societal constraints, reducing operational costs and enabling affordable premiums. Nevertheless, insurance distributed solely via digital channels also faces various challenges. The session aims at discussing under what circumstances and to which extent digital distribution needs to be supported by “human touch” engagements to be inclusive and sustainable. Moreover, it seeks to find out which role innovative partnerships can play.



Linnea Kreibohm
Senior Policy Officer, German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany

Desmond Mall  
Customer Experience Product Manager, BIMA, UK
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Edson Calheiros
CEO, Oxxy Seguradora, Brazil

Marco Japutra
Head of Health Business Development,  Allianz Life, Indonesia

Felicia Kawilarang
VP of Marketing, Halodoc, Indonesia



Matthias Range
Head of Unit Risk Finance & Insurance, GIZ, Germany

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> watch the video recording of Session 17 (Spanish version)


Hosted by ILO‘s Impact Insurance Facility

Insurtech solutions have the potential to address many of the challenges facing insurance providers as they try to cater to this market segment. This session will discuss different perspectives from a range of insurtechs about how they have applied technology across the insurance value chain to enhance products aimed at the emerging customer and improve the overall customer experience. This panel will bring together a diverse set of insurtech providers – from the innovation arm of traditional insurers to distributors and technology providers - who have tried to address challenges related to access, affordability, and value across different product lines, including health and agricultural insurance, using technology solutions.  


Nhi Huynh
Manager (Platforms & Acquisitions), Allianz X GmbH, Germany
> download presentation

Asher Hasan
Founder, docTHERs, Pakistan
> download presentation

Michiel Berende
Chief inclusive Officer, Etherisc, Netherlands
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Dimitrios Velmachos
Venture Parter / Advisor, Equintis, UK



Lisa Morgan
Technical Specialist, ILO, Switzerland
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> watch the video recording of Session 18 (Spanish version)

Day 5 - 29 October 2021
Solutions for the future

Inclusive Insurance in a post-pandemic future

This session is part of the InsuResilience Global Partnership Annual Forum.  


Lorenzo Chan
Chairman of   the Board of the Microinsurance Network / CEO, Pioneer, Philippines

Olga Speckhardt
Head of Global Insurance Solutions, Sygenta Foundation, Switzerland

Maria Theresia Zappia
Deputy CEO, Blue Orchard, Switzerland

Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven
Managing Director, GIZ, Germany


Katharine Pulvermacher
Executive Director, Microinsurance Network, Luxembourg



Hosted by Cenfri

Innovation can create opportunities, enhance efficiencies, increase competition, drive scale, and improve the reach and value of financial products and services to consumers. However, innovation is often not fully accommodated within current regulatory frameworks. Regulators need to update their approach and strike the balance between prudential soundness, consumer protection and insurance market development. This session will focus on how insurance supervisors can go, and have gone, about choosing and implementing a fit-for-purpose and fit-for-context combination of tools to regulate for responsible innovation. This session will also consider the implications and role for private sector providers to effectively work with insurance supervisors to pilot and launch new innovations.  



Hui Lin Chiew
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting project lead, A2ii, Germany

Nigel Bowman
IAA Inclusive Insurance Virtual Forum, co-developer of the IAA-IAIS product risk assessment tool and independent actuarial consultant, independent, South Africa

Protazio Sande

Director Planning, Research & Market Development, IRA, Uganda

Elias Omondi
Senior Manager - Risk Regulations, FSD Africa, Kenya



Nichola Beyers
Research Associate, Cenfri, South Africa
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The past two years have been dominated by the pandemic. Millions of people have fallen back into poverty because they were not economically secure. At the same time, the pandemic has accelerated digitization which opens up new opportunities. Yet billions of people, as well as micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), remain without adequate risk management. The session summarizes the most important results of the conference and dares to look ahead to the topics of the next 12-24 months. We will discuss why insurance and risk management is important for economic development and in particular for MSMEs of which many are run by women that still have no access to affordable insurance solutions. In addition the session will discuss why insurance penetration is still low in many regions and what governments and supervisors as well as insurers and donors can and will do to change this.


Lorenzo Chan

Chairman of   the Board of the Microinsurance Network / CEO, Pioneer, Philippines
Inclusive Insurance in a post-pandemic future
> download presentation

Tarek Seif
FCII, CDIF, Secretary General, Insurance Federation of Egypt , Egypt
Challenges of inclusive insurance in the Arabic/Islamic world
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Miguel Solana
Insurance Specialist, UNDP, Turkey
How to strengthen national Inclusive Insurance agendas on the country level?
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Dirk Reinhard
Vice Chair, Munich Re Foundation, Germany

> watch the video recording of Session 21

> watch the video recording of Session 21 (Spanish version)